About Wesley Outfitters

Our story began when a young golden retriever named Wesley managed to get his paws on one of my prized hats. Instead of tossing the hat, I decided to see if something could be done to cover up the damage. In the process, I realized that I could add functionality to my headwear by adding a neodymium magnet to the strap, allowing them to be stowed high above the reach of mischievous pups.

After over a year of learning the art of leatherwork and dozens of prototypes, we are proud to offer our Hat Caddy magnetic hat accessory (patent pending), as well as our many other innovative leather products - all designed and built by hand in Athens GA.

We are committed to using the highest quality components to craft products which remain functional and stylish for a lifetime. We look forward to bringing you more innovative leather products in the future.

-Dylan and Wesley